The Global Business Roundtable (GBR) is a global professional networking organisation, with a key mandate to develop people holistically. GBR focuses on the following key areas of human development: spiritual development (which we believe is a foundation for ethical behaviour and consciousness); business and financial development (including trade and investment); family and society issues; science and technology; education and intellectual development; sports, arts and culture; leadership, governance and politics, as well as media and communications.

GBR has grown since its inception in 2009 to over 80 countries around the globe. It has presence in 43 countries in all the core regions of the Continent: SADC, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and North Africa. GBR is present in 14 Countries in Europe, 12 States in the USA and Canada, in Asia, Middle-East, the Caribbean Islands and Indian Ocean Islands. GBR aims to be in 150 nations in line with its Vision 2020 strategy.



According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook Update of July 2018, global growth is projected at 3.9%, for 2018 and 2019. In most major economies, expansion appears to have plateaued and growth less synchronized. Growth is becoming uneven in developing and emerging economies, due to the rise in oil prices, market pressures on currencies, and higher yields out of the United States of America. Global economic growth is at risk due to several factors including, the rise in trade wars resulting from an increase in tariffs, geopolitical concerns, uneven distribution of resources, reduction in capital inflows to emerging economies, particularly those with weaker fundamentals and higher political risk.

To preserve global expansion, collaborative solutions that promote inclusive and continued growth in the trade of goods and services is critical. Equally important, is the issue of inequality around the world which undermines democracy, the economy, public health and culture. Concentrated wealth translates into political power which leads to the kind of economic distortions that caused the 2008 financial collapse. In the quest for industrialization around the world, it is important that redistribution of wealth and resources takes centre stage. Industrialized nations such as the United States, Japan and Europe control and profit from about 70% of the world’s resources and have higher access to goods and services, which means their citizens enjoy a much higher standard of living.

Consequences of this are that human settlement and migration patterns are distorted, conquests, wars and conflicts arise. There should be global effort to address issues of inequitable distribution of resources.



The Global Business Roundtable (GBR) is hosting its 9th Annual World Congress for Trade and Investment. The 9th GBR World Congress aims to provide an unparalleled global platform where leaders and decision makers from all sectors address ways in which global economic growth and equitable distribution of wealth and resources can occur. Central to the high-level discussions is Africa’s positioning and participation, which will effectively advance the economic development agenda of the continent. The diverse and content-rich programme caters for big corporates, public sector, SMMEs, technical and financial partners wishing to explore trade and investment opportunities through various types of partnership models including, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and entrepreneurs seeking finance for their projects.  The event aims to attract representatives from over 100 nations, for meaningful dialogue through high-level plenary sessions.

Plenary sessions are designed to bring diverse perspectives and practical solutions to the issues raised by industry, government and private sector representatives.

The event will include a fully-fledged exhibition and trade fair where government, private sector, development financiers, state owned entities, trade and investment agencies, chambers of commerce, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other parties of interest, can showcase and demonstrate their goods, cutting-edge products and services to a global audience.

The GBR world congress aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Global Networking Platform: GBR aims to create a credible platform where entrepreneurs and professionals can connect with decision makers from around the world.
  • Deal Flow:  a global and competitive platform where trade and investment pitches, projects and other business proposals are presented to individual and institutional financiers, investment bankers, venture capitalists and technical partners.
  • Thought Leadership:  a forum where sought-after experts, innovators, market leaders share their experiences, skills and knowledge to inspire our conference delegates to go back to their businesses and professional lives to turn ideas into real solutions.
  • Business Matchmaking: provide a platform where entrepreneurs are matched with like-minded partners in order to grow and expand their businesses and engage in export of their goods and services, including cross-border trade opportunities.




  • Representatives and businesses from 100 member African countries are going to participate.
  • Representatives from Governments and Public Sectors institutes across 100 nations.
  • Representatives from industrial nations exhibiting their financial tools (public and private sectors), products and services.
  • Representatives from Development Finance institutions from around the Globe.
  • Minimum of 1000 delegates representing a variety of business opportunities from across the globe.
  • Sought after speakers from governments and the private sector.
  • SMME’s which drive most African- as well as Global Economies.
  • Facilitation of deal closures on the platform.
  • Business and government delegations from Africa, Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe in attendance.
  • Trade and Investment Agencies.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Business Organizations.
  • International and Regional Organizations.

MAIN THEME : Achieving Sustainable Global Growth and Even Distribution of Resources

Sub-theme 1: Digital Impact on Economic Growth

Sub-theme 2: Global Trade Transformation

Sub-theme 3: Economic Transformation Through the Globalization of Knowledge

Sub-theme 4: Knowledge as the Next Global Currency

Sub-theme 5: Africa in the New Global Context

Sub-theme 6: Global Trade Movement from West to East

Sub-theme 7: Alternative Energies

Sub-theme 8: Leadership: Governance, Corruption & Economic Growth

Sub-theme 9: Entrepreneurship & SMME Development


  • High-level Plenaries
  • Country Roundtables Discussions
  • Meeting with Financiers & Strategic Partners
  • B2B Match-Making
  • Exhibitions




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